The University of Maine at Presque Isle Women's Volleyball team can provide all prospective athletes a chance to compete at a NCAA Div III level in Northern Maine. In an area heavily populated with interests in Basketball, Soccer, and Cross Country Skiing, it is the hope and goal of the UMPI Volleyball program to build a strong appreciation in the sport not only within the surrounding community but with the entirety of Northern Maine. The program can also give individuals an opportunity to make long lasting connections among staff, athletic trainers, and peers. It can also give individuals the chance to travel throughout the great state of Maine, the rest of New England including Boston, and parts of Canada. Over the years the Volleyball program has helped produce several successful professionals from Athletic Training, Education, Outdoor Recreation, Criminal Justice and other backgrounds. The UMPI Volleyball program is open to all motivated athletes who may share a common bond; The chance to provide positive influence and to strive for individual as well as team excellence.